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Verify bounce domain (subdomain) using CNAME and DKIM.
Verify bounce domain (subdomain) using CNAME and DKIM.

How to get the best delivery? By verifying the bounce or 3rd order domain by adding a CNAME and DKIM record in the hosting.

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We have already described what a domain is and why it needs to be verified in this article.

But what is the purpose of the bounce domain and how to verify it?

Every email that is sent via Ecomail contains information that it is sent using the Ecomail service. This is the so-called "envelope-from sender" or bounce domain, which in our case is the domain "".

If you want to further increase the credibility and delivery of your newsletters by setting up your own bounce domain, you need to create a 3rd order domain (eg You will send your messages from this domain.

Now just add a CNAME and DKIM record to your default domain as follows:

  1. Log in to your webhosting, or where your domain has name servers and where these records are edited

---> not sure where it is? Never mind -> the domain registry will be used for this, where this information can be viewed:

name servers information

2. Choose the domain name from which you want to send your newsletters (eg mailing, mail, news, news, etc.), so in the result eg

3. Select the option to edit DNS records

4. Edit records:

--> Add a CNAME record:

Record type





*news = see point 2

Tip: some hosts "pre-fill" the domain, then just list "news", the procedure for adding a record is usually given in the help of the hosting;

there can be no more records with one name on the domain - change the name if necessary

--> Add a DKIM record:

Record type




v=DKIM1; k=rsa; h=sha256; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQC0diuxLOeJJuRRu6v4Xnau70JIEEFGnkiiu6PK3i+1pGKyoLOyJFzk+Ah8zRoujJSzv95nxtDYERVpGxfgu+JXkV3ZDJucMkd/SxKIQ8pJ0Uk1MKKkUFnYgvOxW5Umq8VNpstZZfjhCRcYgb1Iw+oFabBbfShIM98yuaN7Q7KKcQIDAQAB

5. Do not fill in the SPF record here

6. Enter the selected domain (here in the article in the Domains section in your Ecomail account (under "Manage your account") and click on the "Check domain settings" option. The domain should be "verified" and the records will be green.

If not, please wait - hosting takes up to 48 hours to verify the domain. Alternatively, contact, where please send a printscreen (screenshot), where the edited records in the hosting can be seen.

7. After verification, you can send your newsletters from your newly verified domain -> eg from

And where will the contacts reply to? Typically, a subdomain does not have an address to receive replies.

For this reason, in each campaign you have a field to fill in the address to receive replies, where all you have to do is enter the standard existing email address that you use to communicate with your contacts. Therefore, there is no need to create another mailbox.

TIP: you can insert the "write to us" button directly into the template, where you enter the address for receiving answers (enter eg in the "link" field next to the button).

FAQ: An unverified domain message pops up before you submit your campaign. However, I have the domain in my account verified.

If you see a message before your campaign submits that your domain is not verified, and the domain is lit as verified in the Domains section, make sure you are sending from that domain in your campaign settings. Is there a typo in the domain? Not using an email with a different domain than the one you have not verified?

I do not have my own domain, what about that?

You can set up your own domain at one of the many webhostings such as Wedos, Hostinger and others.


Improve your delivery even further with a tracking domain.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us at


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